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The Pick 3 Viper Version 2.3 now available in the Members Only area, free to all current members of the “Ultimate Player Package” This release shows how to play ONE number for a straight hit and lots of cash! (Released 10/1/11)
Pick 3 system and cash 3 lottery systems to win pick 3 lotto

Thanks for the interesting stuff you sent yesterday. I must admit you have a special gift .The day you are able to translate this in Spanish/French…you’ll become an icon. (JD-FL)

Pick3 and Cash 3 Wins in the past few days using the Pick 3 system!
Georgia Cash 3 (993) 10/1
Georgia Cash 3 (777) 10/2
Connecticut Pick 3 (756) 10/4 (FP)
North Carolina Pick 3 (309) 10/4 (FP)
Florida Cash 3 (411) 10/4
Tri-State Pick 3 (651) 10/5 (FP)
Delaware Pick 3 (525) 10/5
Idaho Pick 3 (522) 10/5
Missouri Pick 3 (118) 10/5
Washington DC-3 (887) 10/5
Pennsylvania Daily Numbers (114) 10/5
Illinois Pick 3 (940) 10/6 (FP)
Maryland Pick 3 (228) 10/6
Virginia Pick 3 (433) 10/6
Delaware Daily Numbers (679) 10/6 (FP)
Illinois Pick 3 (487) 10/7 (FP)
Florida Cash 3 (488) 10/8
Florida Cash 3 (566) 10/8
Tennessee Pick 3 (173) 10/8 (FP)
South Carolina Pick 3 (559) 10/8
Connecticut Pick 3 (456) 10/8 (FP)

(FP) Denotes the “FP” system
(Free to Ultimate Pack members or $149)

Wow this (FP) is awesome Marc! (Ria – Offshore Player

Guarantee: The Pick 3 Warrior will have produced at least one Pick 3 or Cash 3 hit in the last 7-10 days (minimum) or you will receive “The Pick 3 Viper” (Basic Edition) free with your order.

Got my first straightbox and box I won 410 bucks. feel’s good to get those straight win!!! and thanks for your time and thanks for teaching me a better way to play the pick 3 and 4. (David, SC)

Added “How the Cash Was Fun” detailing straight hits in Georgia and South Carolina 10/1/11 and how the system provided the hits using one number! – available to all Ultimate Player Pack members in the extensive download section.

FPX4 – Now available free to all current “Ultimate Player Package” members, this works to produce the hit within 4 games.

Here are a few wins from the last few days.

Tennessee Pick 3 (998) 10/2
Georgia Cash 3 (993) 10/1
South Carolina Pick 3 (711) 10/1
New York Numbers (404) 10/1
Texas Pick 3 (889) 10/1

Connecticut Pick 3 (338) 9/30
Maryland Pick 3 (306) 9/30
South Carolina Pick 3 (771) 9/30

North Carolina (383) 9/29
Florida Play 4 (9797) 9/28
Florida Play 4 (9053) 9/29
Tennessee Pick 3 (505) 9/28

Florida Cash 3 (110) 9/25
Missouri Pick 3 (811) 9/25
Maryland Pick 3 (699) 9/25
Virginia Pick 3 (677) 9/24

Florida Cash 3 (472) 9/25
Thanks Marc. Your systems definitely work!

Tennessee Pick 3 (244) 9/26
Virginia Pick 3 (553) 9/26
New Jersey (771) 9/24
Texas Pick 3 (292) 9/24
Missouri Pick 3 (800) 9/26
Missouri Pick 3 (100) 9/25


Ohio Pick 3 (944) 9/22
Florida Cash (373) 9/22
Texas Pick 3 (299) 9/21
Texas Pick 3 (554) 9/22

Florida Cash 3 (505) 9/19/11

South Carolina Pick 3 (988) 9/19/11
South Carolina Pick 4 (5398) 9/18/11
South Carolina Pick 4 (7455) 9/19/11

I won the pick 4 yesterday using the “pick 4 in 5″ day I hit 5398 and I hit 7455 in 2 days that some quick cash.
David, SC

Pennsylvania Pick 3 (994)
Pennsylvania Pick 3 (577)
Two hits AM & PM 9/19/11

Thanks to your brilliance once again, I was able to pull a win. JCD – Florida
(Florida Cash 3 – 9/16/11)

Missouri Pick 3 (003)
Florida Cash 3 (618)
Texas (384)
Tri-State (063)
New Jersey (876)

Purchasers of “The Ultimate Player” package can download the system above which produced the hits shown. Maximum game play is 2 days and you can wager for $5 to get the hits.

Most hits will be straight and this system hits fast. Until September this system was never released to anyone. It is completely new and available for free to all the members. It may be available to the public for $79.95 in October or November. Right now it is a “Members Only” exclusive.

When I logged on, I was bowled over by how much information you provide Platinum Users. This is going to be a blast. Man, I feel like a kid in the Fort Knox of candy stores.

I’m a big fan of keeping things simple. That discipline makes it easier to manage new information, to develop betting systems and to figure out/correct mistakes. I appreciate that you are available to customers who need your support. Andrew, USA

I finally hit on our P4 game up here, after finally taking your advice, I had played the #’s boxed and straight, it was my 2nd hit in 5 days on the P4, the 1st time around I had played 3265 and 3256 came in, so nothing there, didn’t box it…last nite I boxed all of the 067′s and it hit, so I picked up the box, wrong order on the straight again, but I’ve been close too many times…sooner or later Marc…thanks again for your help along the way, you know your stuff!! it’s definitely a good feeling and a long time coming, so I’m happy and thankful for all of your help and advice, like I said before, You’re the Master!! DG, Canada

Your the BEST! :-) -You ROCK (even if I DON’T win) Cher, Canada

Pick 3 system and cash 3 lottery systems to win pick 3 lotto

Now Marc I have to say that you have an incredible eye for patterns and I thought I really had a good eye after watching and learning from you, but this (FP) system is most likely going to be my weapon of choice to take down the pick 3 and Cash 3 games. Along with the Viper and P.O.Z that is a very dangerous arsenal of fire power to take down any pick 3 games. Along with VSR and CP-VSR the pick 3 game is no longer impossible to win. You just change my life yet again Marc! I have been wondering how you were doing it and this my friend gives me a great insight in your mind and how you see things! You couldn’t have put a better system or explanation together. Well I take that back since I thought I’ve seen it all with the Pick 3 Panther etc. Marc you are truly the man and I’m forever grateful!

This is what you call Winning for life right here! I’m forever grateful! This is yet another Master piece Authored by Marc Bristow. You have taken the lead in the world of pick 3 lottery Gurus… You are simply Champion without any opponents and Victorious without Challenge! I’m honored to truly have crossed paths with you in this lifetime ! You will always be respected revered and appreciated. Now I see why I call you my Lottery Big Brother! Your the best! Peace! (SJ – Georgia) October 5, 2011

SJ is really excited about the newly released “FP” Cash 3 and Pick 3 lottery system and strategy as it works fast (within 48 hours!) or wait for another chance to play and win. The “FP” system is available FREE to all “Ultimate Player Pack” members and those who are members of this website. Members may download ALL Pick 3 and Pick 4 systems free as long as their paid membership remains current. Purchasers of “The Ultimate Player Pack” get 3 months access, absolutely free!
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As you can see it’s 2:00am and I just finished the Pick 3 Viper V2.3 and I’m blown away at the simplicity at how well it works! You explain thing so clearly Marc and I can’t thank you enough for trusting me with your most guarded secrets! I feel so powerful right now between the “How the Cash was won” and “The pick 3 Viper v2.3 with Viper Attack!” Dude your the best! (SJ, GA)

The Pick 3 Viper V2.3 now available to all “Ultimate Player Pack” members, simply login as a site member and download free. The all new Pick 3 Viper V2.3 will be available separately for $79.95 in November, right now it’s free for those with a site membership, included with “The Ultimate player Pack” here is what one player had to say today…

“the viper attack is hot 711 (SC) I had it straight for $250 and box for $80 I didn’t hammer it. That viper attack is hot 3 hits in a row, I won 700 bucks in 3 draws this is crazy. (BM-SC 10/1/11)

Pick 3 lottery system and how to win the pick 3 lottery games using a proven pick 3 system and pick 3 strategy

The Secret to Winning Cash 3

The truth is, the game is simple to win. You don’t need computers or software. You don’t need pen and paper workouts and no matter what anyone tries to tell you – you don’t need to have years of experience or be a rocket scientist to win Cash 3, Pick 3 or the daily numbers games. What you do need is something that works to produce the Pick 3 wins and I know I have it.

I won my very FIRST Pick4 EVER!!! 436x came in on Florida game (I’m pretty happy as you can tell I owe it all to your system!!) I’ve NEVER even come close to a pick4 number until I started your system. I only wish I bet more than .25cents! (my $93 win is a pretty good return for my quarter investment though) Cher, Canada

Pick 3 lottery system and how to win the pick 3 lottery games using a proven pick 3 system and pick 3 strategy

The Pick 3 Lottery is Simple to Win…

In my power-packed and fully illustrated Pick 3 Warrior, I will show you how to “unlock” any Pick 3 or Cash 3 lottery so that you can clearly see what’s about to win the Pick 3 or Cash 3 game. Yes, you will be predicting winning numbers from the very first day and once you master the secrets I reveal, you will never look at another Pick 3 or Cash 3 lottery game the same way, ever again. It’s just not possible.Pick 3 lottery system and how to win the pick 3 lottery games using a proven pick 3 system and pick 3 strategy

I have spent many years studying the pick 3 game and spent more money on garbage systems than I care to admit. I have found a couple of systems that work fairly often, but not enough to make any decent money. Your system is unique in its approach to making predictions. I am very impressed. I have not ever come upon anything like it and it is profound in its simplicity. I will definitely keep it to add to my repertoire. (Fernando, New Mexico)

The Ultimate Pick 3 Strategies

The Pick 3 Warrior contains the secrets and strategies to winning Cash 3 and Pick 3 lottery games and it is based on over twenty years of experience in playing games such as The Florida Cash 3 and Georgia Cash 3 lottery and still, to this day, I believe these are two of the very best games to play. Because they are so simple to win! Other great games? Texas Lottery Pick 3, Illinois Pick 3, Washington DC-3 and the Tri-State game are some that come to mind.
Just a update on using your program. It seems I am doing much better being patient with my wagers and watching for the indicators that certain doubles are coming. I wanted to thank you in the last 4 days wagers of 42 bucks have turned into almost 4 grand. I just want to say to all of your customers, and state, be patient as you preach, make smart wagers, to maximize your profits. the panther is kick butt!!! Thanks for your wonderful program it has been well worth its price and i look forward to cashing in many more tickets in the near future.
(John Parker – Arkansas)
Pick 3 lottery system and how to win the pick 3 lottery games using a proven pick 3 system and pick 3 strategy

Discover what hundreds of other satisfied purchasers already know, “The Pick 3 Warrior” really works! I wish them (and you!) much success with the leading Cash 3 lottery system that produces winners.

Let me begin by thanking you for your brilliant work. I always admire a system that is proven. Yours is just amazing. I am a cash 3 and cash 4 player (of course I like the cash 4 better). Your system has completely changed the way I used to look at the cash 3 game.(MUSA, GA)

The Pick 3 Warrior is truly amazing and very effective. The tested and proven Cash 3 and Pick 3 system designed to get you back on track with winning tickets and hopefully skyrocket your winnings potential – Guaranteed! Remember, like any new skill, it has to be learned and the results you personally obtain are based on the amount of effort you put forth into mastering the Pick 3 system. If you have questions, I am here to help with system use and application and show you the simplicity of winning.

The Pick 3 Warrior is your first step to unlocking the Pick 3, Florida Cash 3 and Georgia Cash 3 lottery games and the testimonials speak for themselves. I suggest NOT playing the daily lottery games for a period of 14 days so that you can read, learn and test the Pick 3 Warrior on your home game. During this time you should be able to predict winning numbers. Then and only then, commence playing the game with real money and while that is what I advise people to do, some can’t resist and jump right in. I have purchasers who don’t finish reading the Pick 3 lottery system, they read a few pages, see it in action, look at their Pick 3 game and play that night and they have won the very first time they played.

win pick 3 lotto games the fast and easy way with a proven pick 3 lotto system and strategy

By law, I must tell you that purchasing my system does not guarantee you will win any lottery game at any time. A lottery game is a game of chance or of luck. Nobody can win every lottery game, every time, it’s not possible! Always play responsibly, addiction is a terrible thing! Never use household or bill money to play any lottery game. Gambling is addictive. The Pick 3 Warrior is strategic, it shows you when to “Start” playing and when to “Stop” playing” a number. It is the first Copyrighted Pick 3 and Cash 3 system to fully reveal and incorporate the exclusive “Stop Flags” designed to minimize expenses and maximize profits through intelligent wagering techniques.

Pick 3 lottery system and how to win the pick 3 lottery games using a proven pick 3 system and pick 3 strategy

I guarantee that The Pick 3 Warrior will have produced at least one hit in the last 7-10 days on your home game. If you need help seeing it, I will show you – simply email me at the address provided in the Pick 3 System. If I believe your game needs more power to hit, I will send you a free add-on power-pack as determined necessary. It is rarely required since the Pick 3 Warrior works extremely well and will have produced hit(s) with ease and with a game playing cost of $2.50 to $5 per game.

I wish you much success playing the Cash 3 and Pick 3 lottery.

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Cash 3 System

Win Cash 3 System Features:

1. Simply the best!
2. Never goes cold.
3. No pen and paper workouts.
4. Don't play every day.
5. Game play costs $5 or less
6. Win up to $900 for $1 wager
7. Simple - a kid could could do it
8. Proven highly effective